Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've been commissioned for a few projects lately but I haven't been updating much on any of them, sadly. But when things start rolling out with them, I'll blog more about them here! In the meantime though, here are a few practice sketches I'd made sometime in the past month!

Above: Duck ship!
Air-based, but mobile in water too- I'm thinking
possibly used for cargo or construction...

Above: More animal-inspired designs!
Scout ships, and a floating island of rock and water..

Above: Character designs for a rodent-based species.
Skilled in scavenging and metallurgy, they built a culture dependent
on craftsmanship and trade. Though their small form is undermined by many,
they hold their own in battles and political alliances.

Above: A Persona design, based on the Shishi (Chinese Guardian Lions)
(This was for a comic)

Above: (Top) Color practice using a photo ref. (Bottom) Photo ref of a cosplayer.
(No color-picking involved!)

I've been trying to expand my portfolio, so I'll be posting some more WIPs and practice sketches on my blog and tumblr.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


In the fall 2012 semester, I was part of a Media Lab (MAS) class that introduced Electronic Musical Interfaces. We went over a wide array of controllers and instruments - from sticks to handhelds to clothing to classical instruments to mixed and new breeds, using light, circuit noise, physical objects. As a final project for the class, we had to make a working musical controller, for which I decided to utilize the Arduino.

Above: Left glove to the left, and right glove to the right.
And yes, those are purple surgical gloves.

Above: Looks like I'm about to do some surgery!

Additionally! In February, just this past weekend (2/16-17), I attended the Motorama 2013 event in Harrodsburg, PA, for the sole purpose of Robot Conflicts - a Robot competition held there. I road-tripped down with 4 other guys, 3 of whom brought robots to compete. From what I've gathered, Motorama was a showcase of pimped out dirt bikes, go karts, and other wheeled vehicles that race for some prizes. It worked like a convention + fair + vehicle show, with tents of sponsored racers, 100+ vendors, a really really big carnival-style food court, and other such rooms and events. I only stuck around the Robot arena, so I didn't fully experience the event, but I didn't mind- The robot event alone was awesome enough!

Above: Charles, Dane, and Adam working on last minute adjustments on their robots.

Above: View of the audience from behind the robot combat stage.
There's another stand on the other side of the stage, but this side was always more populated.

Above: One of the highlights of my robot weekend - Charles' robot "Uberclocker Advance"
picking up other robots to bash against other robots.

Read more by clicking the link below!