Thursday, April 19, 2012


I was walking to the elevators on the 6th floor of Building 36 when I noticed the sunset, and I couldn't resist snapping a quick pic with my iPhone.

Photo of sunset, taken from Bldg 36, 6th floor

The iPhone photo doesn't do enough justice to the actual colors - the real sunset was piercing. I realized that I hadn't caught a glance of the sunset, to say nothing of sunrise, for a long time! A minute later, I had descended back down to pedestrian level and the colors were completely blocked by the surrounding buildings. I wonder if that's what it means to have a clear vantage point - will you only see those beautiful colors when you're not daunted by the obstacles around you?

POV's also in the direction of MITERS. :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012


For Anime Boston this year, I was...

Above: MIKU representing McMaster! MIKU-MASTER! :)
Items carried: Pliers, duct tape, small hex key set, welding gloves, measuring tape

It's an updated rendition of my fan-Miku I drew a while back! Remember this?

Above: Draft fan MikuMaster from some time ago.

The gears on the top of my head were designed and 3D-printed by Charles ([ETOTHEIPIPLUSONE]) and they look super cool! They also weighed nothing and were relatively easy for a third party to snap on. Here's an amateur close up shot after they've been attached:

Above: During actual convention day, I had the wig on BEFORE I put on the gears.

Picture time! I had lots of fun posing with anything remotely mechanical looking thing or person, and ended up taking a lot of servicing shots. Here's a select few:

Above two: Posing with Team Fortress Engineers!

Above: Current meter actually came in handy??

Above: Always more duct tape.

Above: Ezio!

Above: Cool steampunk outfit?

Above: Chell and her portal gun!
...more fixing!

I also managed to find cosplays of 2 of my favorite strong-women-type characters! (The only 2 I've seen so far!) From Avatar: Legend of Korra and Seirei no Moribito, I present...


All in all, Anime Boston was a much needed break from everything else in my life right now. And now that AB is over, it's back to the grind for me! There's sadly only a few weeks left...

I leave with a tip: Even if you're in a crunch for time, don't EVER (ever!) make something on a breadboard that's as messy as what I'm about to show you. It makes debugging......SO DIFFICULT.

Above: ................never again.