Thursday, November 29, 2012


RWBY - Red White Black Yellow

I've been a fan of Monty Oum's work since I discovered his Dead Fantasy series a few years ago, and was thrilled to hear of his new work with Roosterteeth - RWBY. After watching the trailer, I have to say...

It was like love at first sight. The music caught my breath, the fighting choreo and animation blew me away, and that weapon the main character uses, the Crescent Rose... I fell for it. So hard. If you haven't seen the Red trailer for his new webseries premiering 2013, check that out below before reading further: 

You see that gunscythe? I want to build that gunscythe.

No, wait.

I will build that gunscythe. A full-size model that would pack and unfold as the animation suggests (or as closely as I can replicate it). First, a paper model to visualize the shapes and use the dimensions to scale to a possible CAD model, then a small-scale model to test out any details, then, the final large-scale model.

After brainstorming and sketching out possible ways to make this thing work in real life, I paused to make a static version of the fully-extended head of the gunscythe from computer paper.

Above: The paper Crescent Rose head on a backdrop of my sketchbook.


Friday, November 23, 2012


Aug 31-Sep 4, 2012 - My very first Dragon*Con, and Robot Battle. Belated as it is, let me share a few of the things I learned about building my first antweight robot.

Don't use motors encased in plastic for your competition robots.
Don't skimp on good wheels.
Learn to drive.
You can't beat real-time combat experience in improving your robot design skills.

Above: Before leaving for Atlanta, GA.

Above: Final design.