Monday, September 12, 2016


Okay! Updates. Let's see, in the past year and a half that I haven't blogged, I...

- was part of teams who competed on a reality TV show called Battlebots!!!! In both Season 1 and Season 2
- created RWBY scythe version 2.5
- went on our annual 20-some hour roadtrip to Dragon Con to compete 30lber bots (and cosplay)
- cosplayed as female Hanzo and an anthropomorphism of Overhaul (our Battlebots robot)
- among other things

...You know, the weird and yet stangely normal out-of-office life stuff your coworkers never entirely find out about you.

Since there's a lot of updates, I'm breaking up these things into separate blog posts. Starting with the most current development: Dragon Con cosplay!!

This year, I did two:

Overhaul from Battlebots!
(An anthropomorphism of)


The female version of Hanzo from the game Overwatch!
(I am on the right with the bow)

We found a Mercy! So we posed with her. : D
Jamo as Young Genji, Lucy as qipao Mei, Hanna as Victorian Tracer, and me!

There were some excellent shots by Zach Ernst!
I will be posting only a few of them (his photos have his signature
on the lower right!), but you should totally check out his other photos!

Not sure who the other Hanzo is, but HANZO BROS!!!!
Another awesome Zach Ernst photo!

Posing with a female McCree, another Hanzo, and a Zarya!
Pic thanks to Charles who had to chase after me when I ran off
to greet the female McCree (tehe).

Me, Hanna, and Lucy!
We are female Hanzo, Victorian Tracer, and qipao Mei!

I couldn't readily find a model of the bow, so I just decided to model my own, haha. Both the gourd and the bow were modeled in Inventor, 3D printed with PLA in multiple sections, and assembled with gorilla glue, and finished with sanding, crevice-filling, priming and painting. Fully assembled, the bow measures 58 inches in length.

....Like, this thing's a head shorter than me. I'm not sure if it's actually to scale to what it is in-game, but HEY - I like big weapons. Initially, I wanted the bow to be even BIGGER, but ultimately scaled it down when I factored in my printer bed size and print time. And finishing time.

Full build report of the bow is below the fold, and is broken up into 3 sections: Outfit, Tattoo, and Bow+Gourd.

Cosplaying with the crew

Also, since I was also a contestant with team Equals Zero this season of Battlebots (with Charles, Paige, and Matt!), I wanted to cosplay Overhaul, the bot! There was a mascot for Overhaul that I already drew for the bot (and stickered on the back of the bat, haha), so I did a version close to that. I whipped up some quick easy-to-do designs for fellow Battlebots girls Lucy (SawBlaze) and Hanna (Roadrash) so we could do a group cosplay!

Again, build report down below! I'm hoping bot-cosplaying catches on, haha - I definitely have 2 other friends who want to cosplay Bombshell and Nightmare. Here's to the next con!

(Click below to read the build reports and see more pictures!)