Friday, August 31, 2012


Yes, this took ages - days and days and days. And more days! I wanted to create something epic, and I was inspired by so many awesome artists at DeviantArt and ConceptArt that I just ....went and tried. :)

...Trying was really hard, haha. What would take a pro or at least a seasoned artist normally a few hours took me a few weeks of on-and-off working (and of trying really hard). But I guess I have to start somewhere, right?

(After days and days and days of working on this, I finally called the 'end', and stopped working on it. To be honest, after seeing this image for so many days, I got quite sick of it, haha... :)

The digital painting was done all in SAI, from conception to detailing. In hindsight, I spent a lot more time on the details than probably necessary, and it took me several several tries to get a desired effect (and not always achieved). Not to mention I had no idea how to make anything remotely sci-fi-y look cool, so I spent ages designing her 'suit' and wings. In the end, everything kind of just blurred together - the viewer might not always see the details, but as the artist, I can say a lot of thought went into every single stroke.

Here's the finished image, one I'm quite proud of:

Above: Cyborg Angel, digitally painted in SAI

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Arduino-tan, the Object-tan of the Arduino Uno microcontroller board! What is Object-tan? It's the name given to an "moe anthropomorphized" object, in this case the Arduino. There have been many Object-tans already created, as its a fairly common occurrence in the otaku culture to make something look cute. There are OS-tans, a Wiki-tan, console-tans, and so much more...
Above: Arduino-tan! Arduino-chan? Arduina-chan?
Arduino Uno-chan? Arduino Una-chan? ..tan?

Pretty much anything can be moe-anthropomorphized. Food, military vehicles, animals, laws, household appliances, buildings  - nothing is safe from the cuteness! D: