Monday, February 13, 2012


Tomato and cherry tomato roses, strawberry roses, cucumber leaves and a carrot garnish, topped over a salad of cherry tomatoes, strawberries and clementine supremes. For this year's Valentines Day, I created this meant-to-be-desert dish after being inspired by some online food art. I call it, "Bouquet" - Happy Valentines Day!

Above: Bouquet! Freshly delivered to you!

The salad underneath was just a mix of strawberries cut to be heart shaped, mixed with cherry tomatoes and clementines cut supreme-style. A little bit of mashed up strawberry and squeezed clementine juice was added, and then topped with the fruit roses and vegetable leaves. All in all, this took longer than I thought - this was my first time making fruit roses! Here are some preparation pics:

Above: In the process of cutting some fruit roses!
(Notice the tomato carnage behind?)

Above: My super messy desk space used for making the 'Bouquet'.

And lastly, another shot of the 'Bouquet' - Enjoy!

Above: Happy Valentines Day!

After it was all done and made, I removed the roses and ate about half the salad - not bad for an improv dish. I'll be saving the other half for the actual Valentines Day tomorrow. :)

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    That dish looks gorgeous. and delicious. I wouldn't have had the willpower to save it xD