Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I was commissioned last semester to design a pair of magical girls - among the requirements, one had to have lots of frills and bows, and the other lots of elegance. And just recently, I met with my commissioner to give her the final products. I hope I did them justice! I present Eugene and Clotho, magical girls whose character and design belong wholly and solely to my commissioner. PLEASE DO NOT USE WITHOUT PERMISSION! :)

Above: Magical girl Eugene! Frills and bows galore!

Above: Magical girl Clotho! Elegance with a bit of toga-flair!

I've also added them to my DAportfolio, so if you have a chance and are curious, check out my 'my daportfolio' link to the side!

ON A SIDE NOTE - CLASSES BEGIN TOMORROW! I'm not sure whether to feel excited or sad or worried, seeing as how this is my senior year.

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