Sunday, February 5, 2012


Quick update! Ever since I downloaded Solidworks yesterday, I've discovered that Solidworks is so much fuuun!  I turned my messy layer sketch of RGBeta's shell...

Above: Messy thought doodles!

...into something that looks much neater and makes more sense!

Above: It looks like a box! xD

Above: A semi-transparent view of RGBeta's box - the completely transparent view was
much too messy for me to get a good angle on.

It measures 13x12 in, scaled to fit in my backpack, opens up in both portrait and landscape mode, has a hidden paper storage section, and has a small pencil case to the bottom right! (Box is suited for right handers!) The upper right corner stores all the electrical components that drives the LED strips that will be located in the top box. The 3 open grooves up top are meant to hold the sliding potentiometers that control the RGB values of the LEDs. Now the only things that are missing from this model of the frame are the hinges and tiny locks (that keep everything from falling apart)! But fortunately, there's only a small amount of adjustment that will need to happen to this Solidworks model when I secure the ones I want, and the hinges won't affect the overall structure or size much. Now, how to find access to a laser printer..............

In the meantime, I'll be playing around with splines, haha.


  1. Can you please come to 2.007 and teach people how to learn SolidWorks in one day?

    1. Haha! I totally wouldn't mind if it means I can help out, but I only know the basics. Using it for what I wanted was fairly intuitive after Charles gave that 1 hr or so crash course on it, and I ended up just using the same 3 features over and over. I feel that as long as you or Charles teach it, people should be able to learn it [the basics] in one day! xD