Saturday, February 4, 2012


Last Sunday, I turned one year older!

The Saturday before my actual birth date, Vivian ([VENERABILITY]), Jocelyn and some other friends took me out to Karaoke and then presented me with this sumptuous looking cookie cake at midnight:

Above: Karaoke cookie birthday cake!

I sang a few songs with them and then retreated back to MITERS with Charles ([etotheipiplusone]) where I got in some flying practice with Tinycopter, Charles' little quadrotor (Me flying [YT LINK]: Him and Shane flying [BLOG LINK]). Then, on the day of, Julia, Chris and Emily (still name-throwing!) surprised me with another cake at MITERS. And yes, Charles had to blowtorch the candles...

Above: Charles blowtorching my birthday candles.

Above: Before and after shots of the MITERS cake! It survived somehow.

Above: What I did with the ribbon around the bday cake -
Drive a screw and attach a nut at the junction point and create an impromptu ribbon!

Above: Bday present from Jocelyn! I can draw on my mug now?! :D

All in all, my friends definitely made my birthday into something special. Thank you all! <3

Just an update on RGBeta, my adapter arrived last week! Though, I accidentally hooked up the 12V adapter to the 5V rail and killed my first Arduino. :( BUT! On the upside, I installed SOLIDWORKS today, so I'm planning on updating again pretty soon with the CAD designs!

ALSO! I never realized CANDY LEGO's existed?! Charles got me some candies, and I was super amused with the candy Lego's inside! I had so much fun with them, I ended up not wanting to eat them, haha. Maybe I should actually buy a real set again - building with Lego's brings back lots of memories. :)

Above: Random candy LEGO structure!

Above: Candy Lego heart! There weren't enough pieces to make
a fully red heart, sadly.

On a side note, the Musical Theater Guild's original MIT production, "Hack, Punt, Tool" that I was a part of this January period started its showings yesterday! So exciting - if you're in the area and have a chance, come and see!

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