Friday, January 27, 2012


I was having a bit of trouble designing the pieces of my lightbox in my head and on paper, so I decided to make a quick paper model of what I wanted it to do. Next step: CADing it all in Solidworks so I can laser cut the frame!

Above: Lightbox paper model demo (sideways for some reason),
with Charles ([etotheipiplusone]) and Bailey ([ISOPACK]) discussing laser cutters.

...I need to cut my nails, haha. The lightbox will be able to prop open in both portrait and landscape mode, as well as have some room to fit sheets of paper and pens in between the layers.

Above: Initial thought process with the paper model lightbox.

Above: Paper model lightbox unfolded!

There's still a lot of soldering I need to do! >o<;

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