Monday, January 16, 2012


On 1/15/2012, holding the hands of my two awesome friends Vivian and Jocelyn, I got my ears pierced.

Above: Before and after shots of my earlobes! >o<;

Yes, needles make me nervous! And seeing the piercing gun, with the giant needle fitted and menacingly exposed at the tip... definitely didn't help. The conversation went a little like this:

Store Lady (L): "Are you ready?"
Me (C): ".........Uhhh, no, sorry. Can you give me a few seconds?"
[A few seconds pass, as C attempts to mentally prepare herself]
L: "Are you ready?"
C: "....Yes, I think. No! Wait! Give me a few more seconds."
[A few more seconds pass, as C clenches the hands of her supportive friends]
L: "Just let me know when you're ready."
C: "OK...."
[....even more seconds pass, as C looks desperately for an emergency exit route]
L: "....Are you ready?"
C: "....No, but you should do it anyways."

The very patient and understanding Store Lady pierced each of my ears on a count of three, and a few sharp twinges later followed by an hour or so of shock at what had happened, I pretty earrings made me feel. And despite my previous protests, I found myself really looking forward to getting new earrings.

In hindsight, the entire episode was pretty laughable, but I really did feel a pinch of fear when I saw the piercing gun about to be aimed so close to my head. I didn't imagine it quite so...big, and gunlike. Thank you, Vivian and Jocelyn, for your moral support - I wouldn't have done it without you! :D

On a side note, I was in the mood for curry yesterday, and decided to make a dish with my remaining fruits, vegetables and meat. Meaning tuna, carrots, onions, and a single apple (at the time). Here's what I ended up cooking:

Above: While the onions and tuna were sautéing, the carrots and apples were cut.

Above: After the apples and carrots were fried a bit with the onions and tuna,
they were left to simmer with added water.

Above: Vermont curry powder added!

Above: Cutting the apple bunny while waiting!

Above: Finished dish!

I call it, 'Rabbit on the Moon' apple-tuna curry! If you ever get the chance to make something similar to this, let me know!


  1. Seeeee, we told you they were awesome :D
    And that dish looks really awesome >o<;; Cook for us sometime, mommy C~

  2. So Cynthia you finally got your ears pierced!!! next one should be me! :D Though I need to either convince my parents (they don't quite like my queerness) or grow my hair long enough (but not enough for them to give me an immediate hair cut) and not wear earrings when I go home...
    And yes, I put diced apple in my curry too!

  3. :lol: Glad you didn't get your nose pierced.