Sunday, January 1, 2012


I celebrated New Year's at MITERS, the MIT Electronics Research Society. And though I really should have been working on finishing a past project and my [currently non-existent] electric scooter, I decided to instead do a bit of arts and crafts before the Times Square ball dropped. Here's what I ended up with:

Above: White flower and yellow tiny butterflies made of ZIP-TIES!

Above: Close up of the yellow butterflies - they're detachable!

Above: Wiggle stereoscopy!

The flower part was made from winding these large, 3-ft long white zip-ties found in the back of MITERS. The tiny butterflies used 3 zip ties as well, though much smaller in size - 2 for the wings and 1 for the body. After adding a hair clip when I got home, the hairpiece was complete! Here's a pic of me wearing it:

Above: Wearing the hairpiece, and looking asian.

The more I think about my new (and first!) blog, the more excited I get! Here, I'll be blogging about all the things I build and create - from drawings to dances to my EE projects to the random things I'll make at MITERS.

Here's to you, 2012!

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