Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've always been big into the whole Japanese anime and manga scene, and there was a period that I drew almost consistently. In the past few years however, I haven't drawn much in relation, but I'm going to try and keep improving! Expect more sketches in the future, but in the meantime, here's a bit of what I've drawn and doodled in the past few days. I'm currently working on a commission I can't reveal yet, and I've plans for a doujinshi if not a webcomic as well. But time will tell, I'll post more of my ideas as they come!

That last one, the super-sketchy one with Miku on some sort of bipedal machine, is still a work in progress! You'll definitely see more of her in various other getups. :) (You can also see a little of where I possibly could have gotten influenced, haha)

Back to my building things, I had this flimsy $1 T-square that I wanted to mount onto my (wip) lightbox as a detachable widget. Most T-squares are standalone, cheap and really good tools, but I personally found them unstable if I wasn't drawing on the edge of a table or a raised surface. So I thought it'd be a nifty add-on for my (future) lightbox - the added track on the side would make the T-square stable, always aligned, and if I wanted it for something else, detachable!

Above: Finished Sliding T-Square.

It was made using a cheap curtain track (wall mounts included), a set of small shower rollers, and some screws and rubber stoppers.  The shower rollers actually fitted very snugly inside the railing, which was a pleasant surprise since I had eye-estimated it at the store. Here's a closeup:

Above: Small shower rollers, screws included.

Above: Attached to the curtain wall mounts like so.

The rubber stoppers I had were easily stripped inside using the screw, so I cut the outside of the hole out to make way for a metal washer that would hopefully catch the screw and not damage the stopper. The last stopper still kept slipping off, and since I had scrounged up the stoppers in MITERS and couldn't find any more, I just superglued that stopper. xD

Above: The operation.

Above: Front and back views of the completed widget.

I originally had wanted to use each of the wall mounts separately, and place them at the opposite ends of the T-square head. But that was too unstable, so I tried to fit both rollers and stoppers on the same wall mount, like so:

Above: A failed attempt at being thrifty.

But that turned out to clash with the shape of the T-square, which had a square depression on the back that was smaller than the length of the stoppers surface. Thus! I opted for connecting the two wall mounts instead of buying more rollers. All that was left was to glue the T-square on the rubber stoppers (using GOOP), and voila! A completed widget:

Above: Ready to roll! (hehe)

Next up on my agenda: 1) redesign my lightbox schematics, and 2) work on comic. I wonder when I'll actually start my scooter, hmm...

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