Friday, August 31, 2012


Yes, this took ages - days and days and days. And more days! I wanted to create something epic, and I was inspired by so many awesome artists at DeviantArt and ConceptArt that I just ....went and tried. :)

...Trying was really hard, haha. What would take a pro or at least a seasoned artist normally a few hours took me a few weeks of on-and-off working (and of trying really hard). But I guess I have to start somewhere, right?

(After days and days and days of working on this, I finally called the 'end', and stopped working on it. To be honest, after seeing this image for so many days, I got quite sick of it, haha... :)

The digital painting was done all in SAI, from conception to detailing. In hindsight, I spent a lot more time on the details than probably necessary, and it took me several several tries to get a desired effect (and not always achieved). Not to mention I had no idea how to make anything remotely sci-fi-y look cool, so I spent ages designing her 'suit' and wings. In the end, everything kind of just blurred together - the viewer might not always see the details, but as the artist, I can say a lot of thought went into every single stroke.

Here's the finished image, one I'm quite proud of:

Above: Cyborg Angel, digitally painted in SAI


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Captivating. I seriously saw your new layout (with this artwork, naturally) and stared for several minutes. It is incredibly detailed and well done!


  2. so beautiful. thank you for showing the wip along the way too <3