Monday, July 30, 2012


Warning: Long post ahead!
TL;DR - The Otakon 2012 trip was overall very successful!

This past weekend I went to Otakon 2012 as Shiina Mayuri (Mayushii) from Stein's Gate, and had a blast! There were definitely a lot more Okabe's (the main male character) than any of the girl characters, but I'm glad we managed to find all but one character from the cast!

Above: Julia (as Christina) and me (as Mayuri) with Okabe #2.

Above: So many Okabe's! This was perhaps less than half of the total
number of Okabe's we encountered over the weekend.

In addition to the Black Rock Shooter canvas, I also submitted 3 chinese-styled wallscrolls and 2 sketches to the Otakon 2012 Art show.

Above: BRS canvas (this has its own post - check it out! ^_^ )

Above: Wall scrolls submitted to Otakon 2012!

Above: Sketch of gender-bender Legend of Korra cast.
(The finished version had some breezy leaves floating throughout the pic as well.)

Above: Working photo of the Mako-Bolin sketch - I don't have a pic
of the finished version unfortunately!

To read more about my trip and submitted art, click below to read more!

I created three wallscroll pieces - Korra (Avatar: Legend of Korra), Miku (Vocaloid), and a random girl. Here are GIFs of the pieces being worked on in SAI.

Above: Korra WIP.

Above: Finished Korra piece.

Above: Miku WIP.

Above: Finished Miku piece.

***WARNING: Slight nudity. Please skip this section if that offends you.***

Above: Random girl WIP.

Above: Finished random girl piece.


THE ASSEMBLY (How to make wallscrolls)
Here's how I made the wallscrolls! (There are different ways to make wallscrolls, but I settled on this method after the trial and error wallscroll I created earlier. See my earlier post about this!)
Materials needed:
-Dowel rods (one thicker that the other)
-Cabinet drawer knobs
-Appropriately sized set screws
-Tape measure, hacksaw, pliers, tap, hand drill
-Adhesive (spray-on if possible)

1) Assemble materials!

2) Cut dowel rods to desired length.
Cut the thicker dowel rod to the width of your wallscroll fabric.
Cut the thinner dowel rod a little bit longer.

3) Tap in the set screws to the drawer knobs.

4) Drill in holes at the ends of the dowel rods.
The wood should be supple enough to just screw in the knobs.
Optionally, just apply adhesive.

5) Print your artwork (mirrored) on transfer paper.
Make sure you have a set for each piece of art!

5) Iron on your artwork.
Be sure to follow the instructions of your brand of transfer paper!

6) Cut out holes on your top patterned wallscroll layer of fabric.
Systematically apply your adhesive to the backs of your fabric.
Take your time on this step - if the fabric looks wrinkled (like mine did),
the overall quality of the piece decreases, no matter how cool your art may be.

7) Adhere your wooden rods to the fabric (the thicker one at the bottom
and the thinner one at the top), add on your string or ribbon
at the top and you are ready to hang these wallscrolls!

Photos of cool cosplayers and the artbooks I got!

(What is Journey? CLICK HERE to find out!)

Above: Korra group! (One of the many I saw)

Above: More Avatar!

Above: It's a Mulan!

Above: Awesome Toph duo manning an Artist Alley booth!

Above: Weeping angel from Dr. Who!
(Don't look away!)

Above: An epic Divergence counter from an Okabe cosplayer!
(Apparently this was on reddit? Must find! ^_^ )

Above: The beautiful books I got at Otakon. <3



To finish off this very long post, I made some Nilla-wafers-with-peanut-butter-and-almonds cookies! They look like little burgers, haha.

Above: 2-3 almonds in between layers of peanut butter,
sandwiched between Nilla wafers!

Above: Yummy!


  1. Heeeeey, there I am! (Okabe #2 XD).

    Was searching for Otakon pictures, and I happened upon your site. Cool beans, I'm faving this. Love your art btw, it's very free and expressive.

    1. Tuturuu~ Hello Okarin #2!

      Thanks - glad you like! :D